The program is conducted in Singapore and it serves to provide graduates with an in-depth knowledge in the field of aerospace engineering, focusing in the areas of aeronautical and space design and research. Master in Gestione degli Asset Industriali (MeGMI), MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business - SdM School of Management Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Porto Business School - University of Porto, University of Groningen - Faculty of Economics and Business, MSc in Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Innovation and Industrial Management, University of Gothenburg - School of Business, Economics and Law, Master 2 Management des Processus de Production de Biens et Services, MSc in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, The University of Nottingham - Nottingham University Business School, Master in Industrial Economics and Markets (Energy, Transport and Telecommunications), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Graduate School of Economics and Political Science, Master Computational Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, MS Management Industriel, Projet et Supply Chain (MS MIPSC), Ecole Centrale de Paris - Centrale Supelec, Master's Programme in Industrial Management, Máster en Dirección de Producción y Mejora de Procesos Industriales, MSc in Engineering - Operations Management, Máster en Dirección Internacional de Proyectos Industriales (MDPI), IQS School of Management - Ramon Llull University. This digital revolution asks for qualified employees and passionate founders to design innovative solutions that improve our business and personal lives. What was/is the starting point: a specific problem? For those applicants who cannot travel to Munich for the interviews, participation via Skype will be made possible. FAQ > ... Institut fuer Verfahrenstechnik Papier /FH München (1991-1995) M-Real Hallein AG / Austria (1996-2003) as manager technology, manager papermill and technology and mill managing director. this can be achieved through participation in courses from the range of studies at HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences. Hier finden SIe alle Informationen zu den Masterstudiengängen der Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft. Chemical Engineering (M.Sc.) ), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (M.Ed.) Projects and mentorsDepending on your personal interests and qualification you will be assigned to either the entrepreneurship or the intrapreneurship project. You must complete a total of 90 credits to graduate from the programme. A specific need? Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) is the largest university of applied sciences in Bavaria, and the second largest in Germany. Enough courses are offered in English to complete the programme only in English, but in this case, the course catalogue is more or less fixed. He is also head of the examination committee of these master programmes. VDI-Wettbewerb Integrale Planung . or through a min. Prüfung: Slowenisch als Zweit-/Fremdsprache (B2) The language of teaching is English. developing digital products or services, or shaping digital strategies. The master’s degree programme meets the quality standards of and is accredited by AQAS. What techniques and tools did/would you apply? German language courses are offered by the Department for General Studies. "The applicant's analysis and problem-solving competence and reasoning and communication skills in particular are examined in the admission interview on the basis of the project description and the other papers submitted for the preselection" (Study and Examination Regulation §2 para. Master Applied Research in Engineering Sciences. English; Languages. How did/would you develop a solution? . starting your own business) or an "intrapreneurial" activity (i.e. Eng an ein konkretes Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekt aus dem Gebiet der Energie- und Gebäudetechnik gebunden, werden analytische, kreative und gestalterische Fähigkeiten vermittelt und fachliche, methodische und personale Kompetenzen trainiert. Lasercenter. In addition, two master's programs offer academic continuing education in this field. Im Rahmen des interdisziplinären Stahlbauprojekts an den Fakultäten Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen im Bachelorstudiengang überzeugten zwei Teams der Hochschule München die Jury und wurden mit einer Anerkennung ausgezeichnet. Participants can choose to write their Master's theses in either language. Language of instructionEnglish (electives can be German). Who was/is your relevant target group or customer? Über zehn Jahre Erfahrung, hochqualifizierte nationale und internationale Dozentinnen und Dozenten aus Hochschule und Industrie sowie viel Engagement machen unseren Master of Business Administration and Engineering zum Erfolgsrezept für Ihre Zukunft! Lasercenter of Munich University of Applied Sciences. Master Photonics (POM212): Laser Technology (includes practical course) Content: Basics and Prodecures of laser material processing: Photon-matter interaction, heat transport in matter, methods for laser drilling, welding, tempering & structuring Apply for our exchange programme, a full degree programme or our summer schools. The language of instruction is predominantly German. Der modular aufgebaute, dreisemestrige Studiengang ergänzt die Bachelorstudiengänge der beiden Fachhochschulen zu einem umfassenden Studienangebot auf dem Gebiet des Bauingenieurwesens. University Regulations; The buddy network; Funding and scholarships; Validation; Services for Students; Offers for Pupils The Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering program is awarded by Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich, TUM). This data can technically be used to create a profile for an individual. You were either personally involved in one of these projects, or your describe how you would realize it if you had to start tomorrow. for prior evaluation of your certificates before applying to the master programme at HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences. : 089 1265-3904. MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ENGINEERING FH München University, ranked n°23 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Ranking Die Hochschule München bietet im Rahmen ihrer Bereiche Technik, Wirtschaft, Soziales und Design praxisbezogene, zukunftsorientierte Studiengänge an. uni-assist supports international student applicants and German universities in processing applications to study in Germany. As an enrolled student you can take German classes as an general studies course (AW-Fach). : 089 1265-26 25 E-Mail: It should reveal your systematic approach - starting from a specific problem or challenge, or based on a new technology to developing a specific solution (a product or a service) to practical implementation. For more information see here Please bear in mind the data protection regulations and settings of the provider. The Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) values the opportunities for communication offered by social media. Campus München . All applicants—both international and German candidates—must complete an online application via the platform Primuss Academic Degree: Master of Arts, M.A. Der Großraum München ist ein Traditionsstandort des Fahrzeugbaus. This is the default welcome page used to test the correct operation of the Apache2 server after installation on Debian systems. uni-assist evaluates if your university degree/certificates fulfil the general criteria for studying in Germany. ... Campus München Arcisstr. The master programme Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation is unique of its kind in various ways: it was founded and is being coordinated by six departments of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (FK 03, 05, 07, 09, 10, 12) together … Module manual > What was/is the added value of your solution for your target group or customer? Located at the heart of a European high-tech and economic metropolis, our mission is to remain firmly focussed on practical application – both in teaching and in research. (Study and Examination Regulations, §2 para. Profitieren auch Sie vom direkten Anwendungsbezug des Studiengangs. sowie Master of Science with honours (M.Sc. Profitieren auch Sie vom direkten Anwendungsbezug des Studiengangs. The Lasercenter. Master, Münster & Steinfurt Teacher Training at Vocational Colleges - Master of Education (Subject Construction Technology, LABG 2016) Master, Münster und ggf. In the coming semester, nine departments offering more than forty courses are involved in this university-wide project. You have to upload the VPD to the online application platform. Die Master-Studiengänge dienen der Qualifikationserweiterung bei bereits erfolgreich abgeschlossenem Erststudium (Abschluss Bachelor).. . one-year professional employment (full-time) after graduation. Please note that uni-assist will need 4-6 weeks to issue the preliminary review record (VPD). : 089 1265-2716 Fax: 089 1265-2714 E-Mail > Profil > The curriculum consists of compulsory courses on entrepreneurship and digitalization as well as electives from the master programmes of the faculties. Study and examination regulations > This will ensure that only you can access your information Online Application Platform, (Please note that you need to click on the link at the top-right of the screen to get to the English version). Master of Science Teaching language. : 089 1265-3459 Fax: 089 1265-3403 E-Mail > Profil > Mai 2019. Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München, Find out how to spend the summer studying at HM and experiencing Munich >, Come teach and research at HM with the support of our International Staff Mobility team >, Have you spent some time at HM? taking part in an innovation project in a company). The four semester long master degree course Chemical Engineering offers the opportunity of a further deepening of scientific knowledge in the areas of applied chemistry and chemical processing. The Lasercenter introduces itself. Qualification requirements for access to the master programme include: A two-stage suitability procedure will be performed, consisting of a pre-selection on the basis of the a project description and the proven knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship, digital transformation and implementation of projects, as well as a possible subsequent admission interview. Von dieser Tatsache profitiert der Master Fahrzeugmechatronik der Hochschule München durch zahlreiche Kooperationen mit der einschlägigen Industrie. Für eine komplette Darstellung und problemlose Navigation muss JavaScript aktiviert sein! Hochschule München für Technik, Wirtschaft, Soziales und Design mit Informationen zu Studiengängen, Weiterbildungen, Duales Studium, Forschung und Lehre Another helpful link to check whether the university you graduated from is considered as higher education institution, is offered by. According to a PWC study from 2018 the contribution of digitization and smart automation to global GDP is expected to be about US$ 15trillion by 2030. Master Tourism Management FH München University, ranked n°65 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Ranking As graduates of the master programme you will also be qualified to find employment as intrapreneurs in established companies e.g. : 089 1265-3901 With the project description the applicant demonstrates his/her "proof of the capability on the basis of the completed studies to clearly structure basic interdisciplinary intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship problems with regard to digital transformation, to work out systematic solution methods and to consequently present solutions". uni-assist WILL NOT FORWARD your documents to our university. proof of knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, digital transformation. Preysingstr. Don-Bosco-Str. 180) ECTS credit points: If you wish to successfully graduate from the master programme you have to complement your 180 ECTS credits from your undergraduate study with additional 30 ECTS credit points: The examination board of the master programme will determine what skills and competencies are missing, compared to a 210 ECTS credit points degree, and therefore need to be made up during the master programme. Doris Konrad Tel. If you have a non-German Bachelor or diploma degree, please use uni-assist Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation is a full-time master programme designed to take three semesters. How did/are you going to make the project or solution sustainable? The next chapter begins with the selection of a suitable Master's program. Die Katholische Stiftungshochschule München ist eine national und international hochangesehene Hochschule für Sozial-, Gesundheit und Pflege- und pädagogische Berufe in kirchlicher Trägerschaft. The master's degree programme in Tourism Management is a full-time master’s programme consisting of three semesters. [Please note that the grading scale at German universities goes from 1 = very good to 5 = failed]. uni-assist’s core responsibility is the evaluation of student applications for uni-assist universities. 1 . >, project work at the core of the study programme, interdisciplinary and international teams, it was founded and is being coordinated by six departments of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (FK 03, 05, 07, 09, 10, 12) together with its affiliate institute, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, it allows for open access for motivated students from different study backgrounds from all over the world, students work in interdisciplinary teams on their projects over the period of three semesters, students gain practical experiences on how to create and implement innovative solutions in the digital era, students deepen their knowledge on entrepreneurship, digital technologies and business models, students visit complementary master modules through multi-faculty framework. Designing solutions for the digital worldDigital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, or Blockchain will continue to revolutionize business models of established industries. München schafft es in den deutschlandweiten und internationalen Rankings der lebenswertesten Städte regelmäßig auf die vorderen Plätze. Many start-ups build their value proposition on these new technologies. What kind of resources did/do you need to create and deliver your solution to your target group? The project description is a document of 2-3 pages that describes either an "entrepreneurial" activity (i.e. with honours). 2). 95 . Students in the intrapreneurship project will develop innovative solutions to specific digital challenges that are submitted by companies. Dieser Studiengang richtet sich an berufstätige AkademikerInnen, die sich parallel zum Job weiterbilden möchten. It will help you with daily life issues, and with organizational requirements at university in particular. Master; Master and academic courses; Bachelor and Master System; General information on the selection process. Application Requirements- a university degree awarded after at least six semesters of study (180 ECTS) and overall examination result of 2.5 or better - evidence of good English language skills (B2)- proof of suitability as part of the selection procedure, Application- Students can begin the master programme in the winter semester- Registration for the winter semester: 2nd of May until 15th of June, If you wish to apply to the master programme, you must first register for the online application process. Rwth Aachen University Fakultät Für Wirtschaftwissenschaften, Production Engineering and Operations Management MSc, MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ENGINEERING, MSc Information and Communications Technology Business Management, Reutlingen University - ESB Business School, Master of Science in System Engineering and Management (SEM) Joint Degree, University of Macedonia - School of Business Administration, Máster Universitario en Ingeniería Industrial, Máster Universitario en Diseño y Gestión de Proyectos Tecnológicos, FH München University - MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ENGINEERING. Infoanlass MSc FH in Business Administration & Wirtschaftspsychologie (Kalaidos) 09.09.20 Info-Anlass MAS Human Resource Management (FHNW) 09.09.20 MBA Master of Business Administration (FHNW) 11.09.20 Infoanlass Weiterbildungsstudiengänge im Bereich Steuern und Recht (Kalaidos) 14.09.20 Infoveranstaltung MSc in Berufsbildung (EHB) uni-assist also converts your grades to the German system of grades. The entrepreneurship project is for individuals who want to implement their own digital business ideas or take part as co-founders. The program Courses in English offers regular course instruction (rather than language instruction) in English. You can submit your online application only during the official period from May 2 to June 15. Before you submit your documents to uni-assist and pay a fee for their review services, we recommend converting your grades on your own by using the Bavarian formula. On the platform you will be able to add the degree programme for which you would like to apply and then enter your personal data, educational background, pre-study details and further required documents. Curriculum overview > Admissions brochure >. Why did you choose the selected project for description? . In case you have an undergraduate degree with less than 210 (but min. A new technology? MUAS has no control over the consequences of this. School / University of Applied Sciences: Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, FHNW: provider: FHNW Hochschule für Life Sciences: Title: Master of Advanced Studies in Umwelttechnik und -management He has been responsible for the master programmes in Paper Technology since 2003. Here students will find all relevant information. All students, however, pay a Student Union fee (around 62€) and a solidarity fee (around 67,40€) for the student public transportation pass (Semesterticket) per semester. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY THESES, CONFERENCE PAPERS, OR OTHER NON-RELATED DOCUMENTS. Die grundständigen Studiengänge mit dem Abschluss eines akademischen Bachelorgrades – … How did/does your solution look like? Courses. What did you learn from this activity professionally and personally? Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften-FH München. Die Hochschulen München und Augsburg bieten einen Master Bauingenieurwesen an. Kontakt. CostsThere are no tuition fees for the master programme. Doch natürlich hält die Stadt auch für alle, die vielleicht »nur« zum Studieren anreisen, ein einzigartiges Kultur- und Freizeitangebot bereit. Poleg študentov FH, imajo tudi sodelavci FH in zunanji interesenti možnost opravljanja izpitov na treh ravneh: na osnovni ravni A2/B1, na višji ravni B2 in na ravni odličnosti C1/C2. IN THIS CASE YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE CONSIDERED AS INCOMPLETE. Campus Benediktbeuern. Each project team will be supported by both a professor and start-up coaching. The interdisciplinary master programme Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation enables graduates to either start their own digital business or lead corporate digital transformation projects to success. An den beiden Hochschulstandorten Benediktbeuern und München bieten wir hochqualifizierte Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge im Sozial-, Pflege-, Gesundheits- und pädagogischen Bereich an. 81667 München +49 89 48092–900. Even though German proficiency is not a qualification requirement for access to the study program, we highly recommend learning German before the start of the program or during the program at the latest. Fakultät für Architektur Karlstraße 6, 80333 München Tel. Prof. Dr. Manfred Gerstner Raum: R 3.056 Tel. There is no tuition fee for the programme. Prüfungstermin und Prüfungsgebühren: 29. MUAS is aware, however, that simply clicking on links to these social media sites can lead to your personal data being passed on, regardless of whether or not you are a member of the social network. Generally the spoken language at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences is German. Der Großraum München ist ein Traditionsstandort des Fahrzeugbaus. Clicking on these links will take you away from the secure area for which MUAS is responsible. ), Master of Arts (M.A. The centerpiece of the programme is the project work that is either based on a start-up or corporate innovation project. For Students. The master programme Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation is unique of its kind in various ways: The master programme paves the way for graduates to start their own business either as being a founder or co-founder. Business Administration & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Nicole Morandi-Grassinger Raum: LO 212 Tel. Masterstudiengänge an der Hochschule München. Monika Wünsche Tel. Zudem bietet die Hochschule Zusatzqualifikationen in der Theologie, Musik- und Erlebnispädagogik an. The "Engineering & IT" study area offers 10 master's programs, all of which are organized in a career-friendly manner and can therefore be completed while working. 2). Stay in touch with us! 20-weeks full-time internship, or through a min. Je nach Ausrichtung des Studiengangs verleiht die TUM folgende Masterabschlüsse: Master of Science, (M.Sc. Bachelor und Master Tourismus Management und Hospitality Management studieren an der Hochschule München: Hier finden Sie alle Informationen zu den Studiengängen der Fakultät für Tourismus. Admission interviews will take place at the end of July. Von dieser Tatsache profitiert der Master Fahrzeugmechatronik der Hochschule München durch zahlreiche Kooperationen mit der einschlägigen Industrie.